Proceedings of the BSBI

Proceedings of the Botanical Society of the British Isles is a journal that ran from 1954 to 1969 (seven volumes). We hope to digitize some of the more interesting papers from it, although there are currently no plans to scan the entire contents.

Volume 1

Walters, S.M. 1954. The Distribution Maps Scheme. Proc. BSBI 1, 121-130; pdf 1.27Mb.

Webb, D.A. 1955. The Distribution Maps Scheme: a Provisional Extension to Ireland of the British National Grid. Proc. BSBI 1, 316-319; pdf 439kb.

Volume 2

Walters, S.M. & Perring, F.H. 1956. B.S.B.I. Distribution Maps Scheme: Survey of 1955 Recording, etc. Proc. BSBI 2, 10-17; pdf 1.22Mb. (NB images not very clear).

Walters, S.M. 1956. Selinum carvifolia (L.) L. in Britain. Proc. BSBI 2, 119-122; pdf 334kb.

Watt, H.B. 1956. Notes on the Introduction and Distribution of Cymbalaria muralis Gaertn., Mey & Scherb. in Scotland. Proc. BSBI 2, 123-125; pdf 349kb.

Clifford, H.T. 1956. Seed Dispersal on Footwear. Proc. BSBI 2, 129-130; pdf 218kb.

Bangerter, E.B. & Kent, D.H. 1957. Veronica filiformis Sm. in the British Isles. Proc. BSBI 2, 197-217; pdf 959kb.

Pritchard, N.M. 1957. Notes on the Flora of Fair Isle. Proc. BSBI 2, 218-225; pdf 743kb.

Lousley, J.E. 1957. Alisma gramineum in Britain. Proc. BSBI 2, 346-353; pdf 875kb.

Field Meetings 1955. Proc. BSBI 2, 401-404; pdf 465kb.

Field Meetings 1956. Proc. BSBI 2, 405-423; pdf 2.28Mb.

Volume 3

David, R.W. 1958. An Introduction to the British Species of Callitriche. Proc. BSBI 3, 28; pdf 587kb.

Anon. 1958. Spiranthes romanzoffiana in South Devon. Proc. BSBI. 3, 37-38; pdf 156kb.

Welch, B. 1958. The Herbarium of James I’Anson of Darlington. Proc. BSBI. 3, 39-40; pdf 214kb.

Baker, H.G. 1958. Origin of the Vasculum. Proc. BSBI 3, 41-43; pdf 334 kb.

Allen, D.E. 1959. The History of the Vasculum. Proc. BSBI 3, 135-150; pdf 2.08Mb.

Fitter, R.S.R. 1959. Addenda to the flora of Fair Isle. Proc. BSBI 3, 172-173; pdf 136kb.

Roberts, R.H. 1959. Notes on the fen habitat of Ophrys insectifera in Anglesey. Proc. BSBI 3, 274-278; pdf 198kb.

Woodell, S.R.J. & Rossiter, J. 1959. The Flora of Durham Walls. Proc. BSBI 3, 257-273; pdf 1.95Mb.


Volume 4

Vedel, H. 1961. Natural Regeneration in Juniper. Proc. BSBI 4, 146-148; pdf 310kb.

Stace, C.A. 1961. Nardurus maritimus (L.) Murb. in Britain. Proc. BSBI 4, 248-261; pdf 1.70Mb.

Illustration by G.W. Dalby; jpg 247kb.

Bangerter, E.B. & Kent, D.H. 1962. Further notes on Veronica filiformis Proc. BSBI 4, 384-397; pdf 615kb.

Volume 5

Perring, F.H. 1964. A Guide for Local Flora Writers. Proc. BSBI 5, 283-302. pdf 2.16Mb.

Volume 6

Palmer, R.C. & Scott, W. 1965. Yet more additions to the Flora of Fair Isle. Proc. BSBI 6, 43-45; pdf 240kb.

Allen, D.E. 1965. Some Further Light on the History of the Vasculum. Proc. BSBI 6, 105-109; pdf 534kb.

Bangerter, E.B. & Kent, D.H. 1962. Additional notes on Veronica filiformis Proc. BSBI 6, 113-118; pdf 269kb.

Volume 7

Paton, A. 1967. True Service Trees of Worcestershire. Proc. BSBI 7, 9-13; pdf 654kb.

Smith, A.J.E. 1967. Obituary: Dr E.F. Warburg. Proc. BSBI 7, 67-69; pdf 396kb.

Webb, D.A. & Hodgson, J. 1968. The Flora of Inishbofin and Inishshark. Proc. BSBI 7, 345-363; pdf 2.15Mb.

Hawksworth, D.L. 1969. Notes on the Flora and Vegetation of Foula, Zetland (V.C. 112). Proc. BSBI 7, 537-547; pdf 1.48Mb.