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Short notes, pp. 91-97; pdf 587kb.

  • Corner, R.W.M. Cardamine impatiens L.: a native Scottish locality.
  • Husak, S. & Wade, P.M. Pilularia globulifera L. recorded at Hatfield Chase, N. Lincolnshire.
  • Knipe, P.R. Gentianella ciliata (L.) Borkh. in Buckinghamshire.
  • Thompson, K. Cotyledon number in Conopodium majus (Gouan) Loret.
  • Welch, D. & Welch, S. Occurrence of Armeria maritima (Mill.) Willd. on an inland roadside in north-eastern Scotland.

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Short Notes. Watsonia 17 (1988), 163-181; pdf 12.62Mb.

  • Putative Reynoutria japonica Houtt. x Fallopia baldschuanica (Regel) Holub hybrids discovered in Britain. J.P. Bailey.
  • The vascular plant herbarium of E.C. Wallace. S.L. Jury.
  • Trifolium occidentale D.E. Coombe, new to Wales. Q.O.N. Kay & N.A. Ab-Shukor.
  • Rediscovery of Halimione pedunculata (L.) Aellen in Britain. S.J. Leach.
  • On Conyza sumatrensis (Retz) E. Walker and certain hybtrids in the genus.       D. McClintock & J.B. Marshall.
  • A new bramble from Skye and the Outer Hebrides. A. Newton.
  • Rorippa x hungarica Borbas (R. amphibia x R. austriaca) (Cruciferae) new to the British Isles. T.C.G. Rich & B. Wurzell.
  • Cephalanthera rubra (L.) Rich in Hampshire. F. Rose & A. Brewis.
  • The Irish vice-county map in Watsonia: a correction. M.J.P. Scannell.
  • Polygonum hydropiper L. var. densiflorum A. Braun. P.D. Sell & J.R. Akeroyd.
  • Leptotypification of five names in Ranunculus L. subgenus Batrachium (DC.) A. Gray. S.D. Webster & P.D. Sell.

Obituaries. Watsonia 17, 208-216 (1988); pdf 8.03Mb.

  • Dorothy Adlington Cadbury (1892-1987). J.G. Hawkes.
  • John Harris Chandler (1909-1987). T.C.E. Wells & I. Weston.
  • Thomas Gaskell Tutin (1908-1987). C.A. Stace.
  • David Henriques Valentine (1912-1987). D.M. Moore

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Book reviews.  Watsonia 17 367-378; pdf 5341 KB.

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Lum, C. & Maze, J. 1989. A multivariate analysis of the trichomes of Hedera L. Watsonia 17, 409-418; pdf 6.17Mb.

Short Notes. Watsonia 17, 435-448. 1989; pdf 11 MB.

  • A Cherbourg bramble in Hampshire. D.E. Allen
  • A neglected bramble of Guernsey. D.E. Allen
  • Carex ornithopoda Willd. in Cumberland. R.W.M. Corner & F.J. Roberts
  • On the lectotypification of Parnassia palustris L. R.J. Gornall et al.
  • Experimental evidence against the occurrence of agamospermy in the British Crataegi. A.G. Gosler
  • Epipactis purpurata Sm. reappears in Dorset. M.N. Jenkinson & A.G. Hobson
  • New combinations in the British and Irish flora. C.A. Stace
  • W.H. Pearsall’s aquatic plant records from Esthwaite Water. P.M. Wade
  • Chenopodium hybridum L. var. paeskei Aschers. & Graeb. in Britain. P. Wilkin.