Watsonia Vol. 14

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Rostanski, K. 1982. The species of Oenothera L. in Britain. Watsonia 14, 1-34;     pdf 16.2Mb.

Scott, N.E. & Davison, A.W. 1982. De-icing salt and the invasion of road verges by maritime plants. Watsonia 14, 41-52; pdf 6.06Mb.

Short Notes. Watsonia 14, 67-78 (1982); pdf 706kb.

  • Rediscovery of the Bromfield herbarium. D.E. Allen
  • Records of Elizabeth Harvey. D.E. Allen.
  • British distribution of uncommon Carices: addenda and corrigenda. R.W. David
  • Leaf polymorphism in Arum maculatum. P. Harmes.
  • Spartina of the Severn estuary. S.C. Holland.
  • Anomalous inflorescences in Primula vulgaris Huds. S.D. Lane, E.S. Martin & D.L. Wigston.
  • Varieties of Viola odorata L. in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. A.C. Leslie, C.M. Pannell & S.M. Walters.
  • Sambucus racemosa L. sensu lato. D. McClintock.
  • Two south-western brambles. A. Newton.
  • Vulpia australis (Steudel) Blom in Britain. C.A. Stace.

Book reviews; Watsonia 14, 79-100; pdf 9.79 MB.

Reports. Watsonia 14, 103-117; pdf 1.60Mb.

Richards, A.J. & Porter, A.F. 1982. On the identity of a Northumberland Epipactis. Watsonia 14, 121-128; pdf 429kb.

McKean, D.R. 1982. xPseudanthera breadalbanensis McKean: A new intergeneric hybrid from Scotland. Watsonia 14, 129; pdf 1,325kb.

Brown, I.R., Kennedy, D. and Williams, D.A., 1982. The occurrence of natural hybrids between Betula pendula Roth and B. pubescens Ehrh. Watsonia 14, 133-145;            pdf 4,502kb.

Day, P., Deadman, A.J., Greenwood, B.D. & Greenwood, E.F. 1982. A floristic appraisal of marl pits in parts of north-western England and northern Wales. Watsonia 14, 153-165; pdf 8.62Mb.

Short Notes. Watsonia 14, 177-186 (1982); pdf 666kb.

  • Discovery of the herbarium of T.J. Woodward. D.E. Allen.
  • A probably sixteenth-century record of Rubia tinctorum L. D.E. Allen.
  • The distribution of Carex maritima Gunn. in Britain. R.W. David.
  • A new bramble from Scotland. E.S. Edees.
  • The story of Cymbalaria toutonii A. Chev. D. McClintock.
  • The rediscovery of the Fen Violet, Viola persicifolia Schreber, at Wicken Fen, Cambridgeshire. T.A. Rowell, S.M. Walters & H.J. Harvey.
  • A new and curious form of Erica vagans L. P.G. Turpin.
  • Frankenia laevis L. in Mid Glamorgan. S. Waldren.

Leslie, A.C. & Walters, S.M. 1983. The occurrence of Lemna minuscula Herter in the British Isles. Watsonia 14, 243-248; pdf 2.27Mb.

Wheeler, B.D., Brookes, B.S. & Smith, R.A.H. 1983. An ecological study of Schoenus ferrugineus L. in Scotland. Watsonia 14, 249-256; pdf 3.45Mb.

Short Notes. Watsonia 14, 272-282 (1983); pdf 4.06 MB.

  • The herbaria of Joseph Woods. D.E. Allen.
  • Ruppia spiralis L. ex Dumort. and R. maritima L. in S.E. Yorkshire. F.E. Crackles.
  • Carex diandra Schrank x C. paniculata L. in S.E. Yorkshire. F.E. Crackles.
  • Improvements in land management: their effects on aquatic plants in Broadland. R.J. Driscoll.
  • A new bramble from Kent. E.S. Edees.
  • The dusty miller’s tale, or Senecio cineraria DC. restored. D.J. Mabberley.
  • The Robert Mackechnie herbarium. D.R. McKean.
  • Carex rupestris All. and Potentilla crantzii (Crantz) G. Beck ex Fritsch in Skye.    C.W. Murray, A.A.P. Slack & A. McG. Stirling.
  • Taraxacum cenabense Sahlin, a new Anglo-French species. C.I. Sahlin.

Schmid, B. 1983. Notes on the nomenclature and taxonomy of the Carex flava group in Europe. Watsonia 14, 309-319; pdf 7.14Mb.

Bateman, R.M. & Denholm, I. A reappraisal of the British and Irish dactylorchids, 1. The tetraploid marsh-orchids. Watsonia 14, 347-376; pdf 1.59Mb.

Melderis, A. & McClintock, D. 1983. The genera Elymus L. and Leymus Hochst. in Britain. Watsonia 14, 391-395; pdf 1.72 MB.

Goyder, D.J. 1983. Pollination ecology of five British species in a limestone community. Watsonia 14, 397-405; pdf 447kb.

Short Notes. Watsonia 14, 407-417 (1983); pdf 698kb.

  • Discovery of Senecio cambrensis Rosser in Edinburgh. R.J. Abbott, R. Ingram &  H.J. Noltie.
  • London Catalogue publication dates and authors. D.E. Allen.
  • Rubus species on chalk. D.E. Allen.
  • Citation of Bell Salter. D.E. Allen.
  • Dactylorhiza incarnata (L.) Soo subsp. ochroleuca (Boll) P.F. Hunt & Summerhayes. R.M. Bateman & I. Denholm.
  • Another new East Anglian bramble. A.L. Bull & E.S. Edees.
  • The distribution of Carex tomentosa L. (C. filiformis auct.) in Britain. R.W. David.
  • Phenolic chemistry distinguishes Asplenium adiantum-nigrum L. from                 A. cuneifolium Viv. P.M. Richardson.
  • The Scottish records of Dactylorhiza traunsteineri (Sauter) Soo. D.J. Tennant & A.G. Kenneth.


Carex maritima (Alex Lockton)