Watsonia Vol. 7

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Salisbury, J.E. 1968. The reproductive biology and occasional seasonal dimorphism of Anagallis minina and Lythrum hyssopifolia. Watsonia 7, 25-39; pdf 1.05 MB.

Rogers, S. 1968. Studies on British Poppies. I. Some observations on the reproductive biology of the British species of Papaver. Watsonia 7, 55-63; pdf 514KB.

Ellis, R.P. & Jones, B.M.G. 1969. The origin of Cardamine flexuosa with evidence from morphology and geographical distribution. Watsonia 7, 92-103; pdf 4.98 MB.

Roberts, R.H. 1969. A new combination in Dactylorhiza. Watsonia 7, 104; pdf 21 kb.

Woodell, S.R.J. 1969. Natural Hybridization in Britain between Primula vulgaris Huds. (the Primrose) and P. elatior (the Oxlip). Watsonia 7, 115-127. pdf 2.01 MB.

Kay, Q.O.N. 1969. The origin and distribution of diploid and tetraploid Tripleurospermum inodorum (L.) Schultz Bip. Watsonia 7, 130-141; pdf 886 kB.

Beattie, A.J. 1969. Studies in the pollination ecology of Viola. I. The pollen content of stigmatic cavities. Watsonia 7, 142-156; pdf 899 kB.