Watsonia Vol. 27

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Bateman, R.N. & Sexton, R. 2008. Is spur length of Platanthera species in the British Isles adaptively optimized or an evolutionary red herring? Watsonia 27, 1-21;  pdf 453 kb.

Tennant, D.J. 2008. Small Cow-wheat Melampyrum sylvaticum L.; Scrophulariaceae in England. Watsonia 27, 23-36; pdf 422kb.

Houston, L., Robertson, A. & Rich, T.C.G. 2008. The distribution, population size and growth of the rare English endemic Sorbus bristoliensis A. J. Wilmott, Bristol Whitebeam (Rosaceae). Watsonia 27, 37-49; pdf 254kb.

Dean, M., Ashton, P.A., Hutcheon, K., Jermy, A.C. & Cayouette, J. 2008. Description, ecology and establishment of Carex salina Wahlenb. (Saltmarsh Sedge) – a new British species. Watsonia 27, 51-57; pdf 78kb.

Sawtschuk, T., McCarthy, W. & Rich, T.C.G. 2008. Conservation of Britain’s biodiversity: Hieracium pseudoleyi (Asteraceae), Purple-flushed Hawkweed. Watsonia 27, 59-64; pdf 583kb.

Notes: Watsonia 27, 65-72; pdf 205kb.

  • Kitchener, G.D. & Leslie, A.C. Epilobium tetragonum subsp. tournefortii naturalised in Britain.
  • Webb, J. New Willow hybrid.
  • Bailey, J.P., Kay, Q.O.N., Mcallister, H. & Rich, T.C.G. Chromosome numbers in Sorbus L. (Rosaceae) in the British Isles.
  • Allen, D.E. Series reassignment of Rubus cerdicii.

Cowan, R. S., Smith, R. J., Fay, M. F. & Rich, T. C. G. (2008).  Genetic variation in Irish Whitebeam, Sorbus hibernica E. F. Warb. (Rosaceae) and its relationship to a Sorbus from the Menai Strait, North Wales. Watsonia 27, 99-108; pdf 143kb.

Lansdown R.V.  2008. Red Duckweed (Lemna turionifera Landolt) new to Britain.  Watsonia 27, 127-130; pdf 40kb.

Rich, T.C.G., and Proctor, M.C.F. 2009. Some new British and Irish Sorbus L. taxa (Rosaceae). Watsonia 27: 207–216; pdf 214kb.

Rich, T.C.G., Harris, S.A. and Hiscock, S.J. 2009. Five new Sorbus (Rosaceae) taxa from the Avon Gorge, England. Watsonia 27: 217–228; pdf 357kb.

Notes: Watsonia 27, 243-257 (2009); pdf 594 KB.

  • Allen, D.E. Species of British Rubus L. (Rosaceae) in Maine and North Brittany, France.
  • Bull, A.L. The status of Rubus babingtonianus W.C.R. Watson (Rosaceae).
  • Stace, C.A. Eleven new combinations in the British Flora.
  • Walker, K.J., Ward, S. & Parr, S. The re-discovery of Arenaria norvegica subsp. norvegica in Ireland.
  • Water-borne dispersal of Cardamine bulbifera (L.) Crantz (Brassicaceae) in Mid-west Yorkshire (v.c. 64). Walker, K.J.
  • Walker, K.J. Cirsium x semidecurrens H. Richter in Glamorgan.
  • Humphrey, T., Taylor, C., Rich, T.C.G. & Hipkin, C.R. Vascular plants from Swansea University Herbarium (UCSA) now incorporated into the Welsh National Herbarium (NMW).

Houston, L., Robertson, A., Jones, K., Smith, S.C.C., & Hiscock, S.J. (2009) An account of the Whitebeams (Sorbus L., Rosaceae) of Cheddar Gorge, England, with description of three new species. Watsonia 27, 283-300; pdf 2,252 KB.

Rich, T. C. G., Charles, C., Houston, L. & Tillotson, A. (2009). The diversity of Sorbus L. (Rosaceae) in the Lower Wye Valley.  Watsonia 27, 301-313; pdf 401KB.

Bradshaw, M.E. 2009. The decline of Lady's-mantles (Alchemilla vulgaris L. agg.) and other hay meadow species in Northern England since the 1950s. Watsonia 27, 315-321; pdf 80 KB.

Notes: Watsonia 27, 369-374 (2009); pdf 78KB.



Cynoglossum officinale (A Lockton)

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