Watsonia Vol. 22

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Rumsey, F.J., Jermy, A.C. & Sheffield, E. 1998. The independent gametophytic stage of Trichomanes speciosum Willd. (Hymenophyllaceae), the Killarney Fern and its distribution in the British Isles. Watsonia 22, 1-19; doc 4.79Mb.

Pearman, D.A., Preston, C.D., Roy, D.B. & Stewart, A. 1998. The use of B.S.B.I. Monitoring Scheme data to predict nationally scarce species in Britain. Watsonia 22, 21-28; pdf 5.2Mb.

Daniels, R.E., McDonnell, E.J. & Raybould, A.F. 1998. The current status of Rumex rupestris Le Gall (Polygonaceae) in England and Wales, and threats to its survival and genetic diversity. Watsonia 22, 33-39; pdf 498kb.

Preston, C.D., Bailey, J.P. & Hollingsworth, P.M. 1998. A reassessment of the hybrid Potamogeton x gessnacensis G. Fisch. (P. natans x P. polygonifolius, Potamogetonaceae) in Britain. Watsonia 22, 61-68; pdf 1.13Mb.

Bull, A.L. 1998. Four new species of Rubus L. (Rosaceae) from eastern England. Watsonia 22, 97-104; pdf 5.56Mb.

Turner Ettlinger, D.M. 1998. A new variety of Ophrys apifera Hudson (Orchidaceae). Watsonia 22, 105-107; pdf 263kb.

Notes. Watsonia 22, 109-116. 1998. pdf 4.58Mb.

  • Corner, R.W.M. Northern limits attained by native British plants in north Peary Land, Greenland.
  • Gulliver, R.L. Population sizes of Gentianella uliginosa (Willd.) Boerner, Dune Gentian, on Colonsay (v.c. 102) in 1996.
  • Macpherson, P. & Stace, C.A. xAgropogon robinsonii (Druce) Melderis & D.C. McClint.
  • Rose, F. Gentianella uliginosa (Willd.) Boerner (Gentianaceae) found in Colonsay (v.c. 102), new to Scotland.

Bullock, J.M., Connor, J., Carrington, S. & Edwards, R.J. 1998. Chromosome numbers and flower sizes of Ulex minor Roth and Ulex gallii Planch. in Dorset. Watsonia 22, 143-152; pdf 2.97 MB.

Preston, C.D. & Pearman, D.A. 1998. J.E. Dandy and G. Taylor’s unpublished study of Potamogeton x sudermanicus Hagstr. in Britain, with an account of the current distribution of the hybrid. Watsonia 22, 163-172; pdf 1.57Mb.

Notes. Watsonia 22, 181-193. 1998; pdf 4,483kb.

  • Typification of some Barton and Riddelsdell names in Rubus L. (Rosaceae). Watsonia 22, 181-193.

Swan, G.A. 1999. Identification, distribution and a new nothosubspecies of Trichophorum cespitosum (L.) Hartman (Cyperaceae) in the British Isles and N.W. Europe. Watsonia 22, 209-233; pdf 1.49Mb.

Aksoy, A., Hale, W.H.G. & Dixon, J.M. 1999. Towards a simplified taxonomy of Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medik. (Brassicaceae). Watsonia 22, 243-250;         pdf 5.71Mb.

Dearnley, T.C. & Duckett, J.G. 1999. Juniper in the Lake District National Park. A review of condition and regeneration. Watsonia 22, 261-267; pdf 384kb.

McAllister, H.A. 1999. Urtica galeopsifolia Wierzb. ex Opiz (Urticaceae) confirmed for Britain by its chromosome number. Watsonia 22, 275-278; pdf 218kb.

McAllister, H.A. 1999. Lysimachia punctata L. and L. verticillaris Sprengel (Primulaceae) naturalised in the British Isles. Watsonia 22, 279-281; pdf 1.49Mb.

Kay, Q.O.N., John, R.F. & Jones, R.A. 1999. Biology, genetic variation and conservation of Luronium natans (L.) Raf. in Britain & Ireland. Watsonia 22, 301-315; pdf 869kb.

Carey, P.D. 1999. Changes in the distribution and abundance of Himantoglossum hircinum (L.) Sprengel (Orchidaceae) over the last 100 years. Watsonia 22, 353-364; pdf 1.84Mb.

Kirchner, F. & Bullock, J.M. 1999. Taxonomic separation of Ulex minor Roth. and       U. gallii Planch.: morphometrics and chromosome counts. Watsonia 22, 365-376; pdf 886kb.

Wheeler, B.R. & Hutchings, M.J. 1999. The history and distribution of Phyteuma spicatum L. (Campanulaceae) in Britain. Watsonia 22, 387-395; pdf 5.2Mb.

Rumsey, F.J. 1999. Rumex x akeroydii - a new Dock hybrid. Watsonia 22, 413-416; pdf 561kb.

Notes. Watsonia 22, 421-432 (1999); pdf 7.13Mb.

  • Elytrigia repens (L.) Desv. ex Nevski subsp. arenosa (Spenner) A. Love (Poaceae) in South-east Yorkshire (v.c. 61). P.J. Cook.
  • The potential for seed dispersal by sea water in Coincya wrightii (O.E. Schulz) Stace and C. monensis (L.) W. Greuter & Burdet subsp. monensis. T.C.G. Rich.
  • Southward recolonisation by Mertensia maritima (L.) Gray on the coast of north-eastern Scotland. D. Welch & M. Innes.
  • Erica ciliaris L. (Ericaceae) rediscovered in the Blackdown Hills, on the Somerset-Devon border (v.c. 3). M.J. Edgington.
  • Gentianella uliginosa (Willd.) Boerner (Gentianaceae) rediscovered in North Devon. D.T. Holyoak.
  • Rubus campaniensis Winkel ex Beek (Rosaceae) in Britain. D.E. Allen.
  • Separation of Carex vulpina L. and C. otrubae Podp. (Cyperaceae) using transverse leaf sections. R.D. Porley.


Potamogeton x gessnacensis