Watsonia Vol. 28

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Part 1: February 2010

Rich, T.C.G., McCosh, D.J., Sawtschuk, J. & Wyse-Jackson, M.B. 2010. Conservation of Ireland’s Biodiversity: the status of two Irish endemic hawkweeds Hieracium hartii and H. hibernicum (Asteraceae). Watsonia 28, 1-10; pdf 5.5Mb.

Ward, L.K. 2010. Variation in ripening years of seed cones of Juniperus communis L. Watsonia 1, 11-19; pdf 1.07Mb.

Braithwaite, M.E. 2010. How well has BSBI chronicled the spread of neophytes? Watsonia 28, 21-31; pdf 288kb.

Dean, M. & Ashton, P.A. 2010. Ecology, distribution and fertility of Carex recta Boott (Cyperaceae) in the British Isles. Watsonia 28, 33-42; pdf 123kb.

Wilcox, M. 2010. A novel approach to the determination and identification of Juncus x diffusus Hoppe and J. x kern-reichgeltii Jansen & Wacht. ex Reichg. Watsonia 28, 43-56; pdf 2.02Mb.

Tennant, D.J. 2010. The British records of Cystopteris alpina (Lamarck) Desvaux; Woodsiaceae. Watsonia 28, 57-63; pdf 387kb.

Geddes, C. & Miller, G.R. 2010. Long-term changes in the size of an Alpine Gentian, Gentiana nivalis L., population in Scotland. Watsonia 28, 65-73; pdf 959kb.

Foley, M.J.Y. 2010. Further notes on some of J.H. Penson’s Scottish records. Watsonia 28, 75-77; pdf 46kb.

Notes. Watsonia 28, 79-84; pdf 85kb

  • An over-looked population of Pulsatilla vulgaris Mill. in South Lincolnshire (v.c. 53). R.G. Jefferson & K.J. Walker.
  • The first British records of Potamogeton compressus L. and P. friesii Rupr. C.D. Preston.

Plant Records. Watsonia 28, 85-96; pdf 122kb.

Book Reviews. Watsonia 28, 97-101; pdf 65kb.

Part 2: August 2010

Stace, C.A. 2010. Classification by molecules: What’s in it for field botanists? Watsonia 28, 103-122; pdf 202kb.

Edgington, J.A. 2010. The first British record of Nardus stricta L. (Poaceae). Watsonia 28, 123-127; pdf 60 kB.

Braithwaite, M.E. 2010. Berwickshire’s disappearing scarce plants. Watsonia 28, 129-140; pdf 204 kB.