Watsonia Vol. 21

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Perring, F.H. A bridge too far - the non-Irish element in the British flora. Watsonia 21, 15-51; pdf 2.71Mb.

Grassly, N.C., Harris, S.A. & Cronk, Q.C.B. 1996. British Apium repens (Jacq.) Lag. (Apiaceae) status assessed using random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD). Watsonia 21, 103-111; pdf 668kb.

Hedren, M. 1996. The allotetraploid nature of Dactylorhiza praetermissa (Druce) Soo (Orchidaceae) confirmed. Watsonia 21, 113-118; pdf 3.63Mb.

Rich, T.C.G. & Smith, P.A. 1996. Botanical recording, distribution maps and species frequency. Watsonia 21, 155-167; pdf 1.88Mb.

Callaghan, D.A. 1996. The conservation status of Lythrum hyssopifolia L. in the British isles. Watsonia 21, 179-186; pdf 5.04 MB.

Bailey, J.P., Child, L.E. & Conolly, A.P. 1996. A survey of the distribution of Fallopia x bohemica (Chrtek & Chrtova) J. Bailey (Polygonaceae) in the British Isles. Watsonia 21, 187-198; pdf 1.68Mb.

Notes. Watsonia 21, 199-210 (1996); pdf 8.39Mb.

  • Rubus asperidens Sudre ex Bouvet (Rosaceae) in the British Isles. D.E. Allen.
  • Arenaria balearica L. (Mossy Sandwort): observations on water-borne spread in Perthshire. R.W.M. Corner.
  • The status of Spiranthes romanzoffiana Cham. (Orchidaceae), Irish Lady’s Tresses, on Colonsay (v.c. 102) in 1995; with special reference to associated plant communities. R.L. Gulliver.
  • The correct authority for Lesser Chickweed, Stellaria pallida (Caryophyllaceae).  R.R. Mill.
  • Hydrocharis morsus-ranae L. (Hydrocharitaceae) fruited in Britain in 1995. C.D. Preston & M.D. March.
  • Is Gentianella uliginosa (Willd.) Boerner (Gentianaceae) present in England? T.C.G. Rich.

Notes. Watsonia 21, 283-298; pdf 1.34Mb.

  • Blackstock, T.H. & Jones, R.A. Juncus capitatus Weigel (Juncaceae) rediscovered near its original locality in Anglesey (v.c. 52).
  • Bull, A.L. & Newton, A. Rubus pannosus P.J. Mueller & Wirtgen (Rosaceae) in Britain.
  • Fitzgerald, R., Field, G.D. & Chatters, C. The status of Pulicaria vulgaris Gaertner in Britain in 1995.
  • Primavesi, A.L. A Wolley-Dod letter of historical interest.
  • Reynolds, S.C.P. Alien plants at Foynes Port, Co. Limerick (v.c. H8), 1988-1994.
  • Reynolds, S.C.P. The putative hybrid between two teasels, Dipsacus fullonum L. and D. sativus (L.) Honck. (Dipsacaceae) in Dublin (v.c. H21).
  • Rich, T.C.G. Early Gentian (Gentianella anglica (Pugsley) E.F. Warb.) present in Wales.
  • Rich, T.C.G., Rich, B.C. & Sturt, N.J. Notes on some early Sussex botanical records by Thomas Sockett (1777-1859).

Rich, T.C.G., Holyoak, D.T., Margetts, L.J. & Murphy, R.J. 1997. Hybridisation between Gentianella amarella (L.) Boerner and G. anglica (Pugsley) E.F. Warb. (Gentianaceae). Watsonia 21, 313-325; pdf 6.64Mb.

Crackles, F.E. 1997. Variation in some populations of Calamagrostis stricta (Timm) Koeler in the British Isles and the putative past hybridization with C. canescens (Wigg.) Roth. Watsonia 21, 341-354; pdf 967kb.

Notes. Watsonia 21, 359-380 (1997); pdf 11.83Mb.

  • The correct authority for Rubus melanodermis (Rosaceae). D.E. Allen
  • The role of forestry plantings in the dispersal of bramble (Rubus L.) species. A.L. Bull.
  • Rubus mercicus J.E. Bagnall refound. A.L. Bull & A. Newton.
  • The ‘J.D.’ herbarium at Northampton museum. G. Crompton.
  • The correct authority for Lesser Chickweed, Stellaria pallida (Caryophyllaceae).  D.H. Kent.
  • Contributions to a cytological catalogue of the British and Irish flora, 5. L. Montgomery, M. Khalaf, J.P. Bailey & R.J. Gornall.
  • Carex humilis Leysser in Dorset (v.c. 9). D. Pearman.
  • The taxonomic status of Dactylorhiza majalis (Rchb. fil.) P.F. Hunt & Summerh. subsp. traunsteineri (Saut. ex Rchb. fil.) H. Sund. var. bowmanii M.N. Jenk. R.H. Roberts & M.J.Y. Foley.
  • Asplenium viride Hudson (Aspleniaceae) in Greater London. F.J. Rumsey.
  • The distribution of brambles (Rubus spp.) in north-east Scotland. D. Welch.