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  • Alchemilla glaucescens Wallr. in v.c. 81 Berwickshire. M.E. Braithwaite.
  • Geranium robertianum L. var. maritimum (Geraneaceae): an earlier author. D.E. Allen.
  • Epilobium x kitcheneri McKean (Onagraceae) in East Cornwall. D.T. Holyoak &  G.D. Kitchener.

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  • The interspecific hybrids of the rhizomatous couches, Elytrigia Desv. (Poaceae). C.A. Stace.
  • Salix caprea L. x S. myrsinifolia Salisb. x S. phylicifolia L. in Perthshire. D.J. Tennant.
  • A new species of Rubus Sect. Micantes (Rosaceae) formerly known as a variant of R. criniger (E.F. Linton) Rogers. A.L. Bull.
  • Dates of publication of county Floras. D.E. Allen.