BSBI Recorder

BSBI Recorder was originally just a letter sent out to the v.c. recorders every now and then, and it has developed into an annual newsletter to recorders and referees, providing updates on projects run by the society and the activities of the members.

It is not intended for public circulation, but there are articles of interest to others, and it is not secret, so click on the thumbnail to open a pdf:

Recorder 15 (Spring 2011)


Recorder 14 (Spring 2010)


Recorder 13 (Spring 2009)

Recorder 12 (Spring 2008)


Recorder 11 (Spring 2007)

Recorder 10 (March 2006)


Recorder 9 (Feb 2005)


Recorder 7 (Apr 2003)


Recorder 6 (Feb 2002)


Recorder 3 (April 1999)