Watsonia Vol. 18

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Milne-Redhead, E. 1990. The B.S.B.I. Black Poplar survey, 1973-88. Watsonia 18, 1-5. pdf 633kb.

McAllister, H.A. & Rutherford, A. 1990. Hedera helix L. and H. hibernica (Kirchner) Bean (Araliaceae) in the British Isles. Watsonia 18, 7-15. pdf 2.04Mb.

Binggeli, P. 1990. Detection of protandry and protogyny in Sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus L.) from infructescences. Watsonia 18, 17-20; pdf 208kb.

Kelly, D.L. 1990. Cornus sericea L. in Ireland: an incipient weed of wetlands. Watsonia 18, 33-36; pdf 355kb.

Foley, M.J.Y. 1990. The current distribution and abundance of Orchis ustulata L. in southern England. Watsonia 18, 37-48. pdf 2.91Mb.

Gosler, A.G. 1990. Introgressive hybridization between Crataegus monogyna Jacq. and C. laevigata (Poiret) DC. in the Upper Thames Valley, England. Watsonia 18, 49-62;      pdf 918kb.

Crackles, F.E. 1990. Hypericum x desetangsii Lamotte nm. desetangsii in Yorkshire, with special reference to its spread along railways. Watsonia 18, 63-67; pdf 385kb.

Gulliver, R.L. 1990. The rare plants of the Howardian Hills, North Yorkshire, 1794-1988. Watsonia 18, 69-80; pdf 928kb.

Short Notes. Watsonia 18, 81-95; pdf 1.18Mb.

  • Allen, D.E. Micromorphy in New Forest Rubi
  • Brewis, A. Yellow Ivy Broomrape
  • Dalby, D.H. A new combination in Cochlearia (Cruciferae)
  • Dawson, H.J. Chromosome numbers in two Limonium species
  • Gilbert, O.L. Wild figs by the River Don, Sheffield
  • Halliday, G. Crepis praemorsa (L.) Tausch, new to western Europe
  • Horsman, F. The first record for Vaccinium uliginosum L. var. pubescens  (Wormsk.) Hornem. from the British Isles
  • Kent, D.H. The Shasta Daisy
  • Newton, A. Rubus stenopetalus Lef. & Muell. in Britain
  • Preston, C.D. Potamogeton filiformis Pers. in Anglesey
  • Sell, P.D. Some new combinations in the British flora
  • Sell, P.D. The typification and nomenclature of Erica mackaiana Bab.
  • Webb, C.J. New Zealand species of Hydrocotyle (Apiaceae) naturalised in Britain and Ireland.

Graham, G.G. & Primavesi, A.L. 1990. Notes on some Rosa taxa recorded as occurring in the British Isles. Watsonia 18, 119-124; pdf 4.91Mb.

Silverside, A.J. 1990. The nomenclature of some hybrids of the Spiraea salicifolia group naturalized in Britain. Watsonia 18, 147-151; pdf 3.25 MB.

Simpson, D.A. 1990. Displacement of Elodea canadensis Michx by Elodea nuttalli (Planch.) H. St John in the British Isles. Watsonia 18, 173-177; pdf 2.81Mb.

Newton, A. & Porter, M. 1990. Five brambles from Wales. Watsonia 18, 189-198;      pdf 3.56 MB.

Short Notes. Watsonia 18, 199-213; pdf 10.5Mb

  • Hieracium britannicum F.J. Hanb. in Wales. J. Bevan.
  • Cardamine amara: its occurrence in montane habitats in Britain. R.W.M. Corner.
  • The distribution of Carex appropinquata Schumacher (C. paradoxa Willd.) in Great Britain and Ireland. R.W. David.
  • The Cumbrian herbarium of W.H. Youdale. H. Hofmann, J.R. Edmondson & G. Halliday.
  • Alopecurus bulbosus Gouan in Dorset. D. Pearman.
  • The origin and taxonomy of Spartina x neyrautii Foucaud. A.F. Raubould, A.J. Gray, M.J. Lawrence & D.F. Marshall.
  • Rumex acetosa L. subsp. biformis (Lange) Valdes-Bermejo & Castroviejo in Britain. K.H. Rechinger.
  • A new hybrid binomial in Mimulus L. A.J. Silverside.
  • New names and combinations in the British flora. C.A. Stace.

Obituaries: E.M. Booth, J.C. Gardiner, C.C. Haworth, A.G. Kenneth, G.M. Spooner & A. Younger. Watsonia 18, 238-246; pdf 631kb.

Ettlinger, D.M. 1991. Two new varieties of British Dactylorhiza. Watsonia 18, 307-309; pdf 152kb.

Rumsey, F.J. & Jury, S.L. 1991. An account of Orobanche L. in Britain and Ireland. Watsonia 18, 257-295. pdf 5.11Mb.

Hobson, D.D. 1991. The status of Populus nigra L. in the Republic of Ireland. Watsonia 18, 303-305; pdf 2.35Mb.

Flinck, K.E. & Hylmo, B. 1991. Two new species of Cotoneaster. Watsonia 18, 311-313. pdf 416kb.

Short Notes: Watsonia 18, 315-321; pdf 364kb:

  • A new subspecies of Festuca rubra L. A.-K.K.A. Al-Bermani & C.A. Stace.
  • Abnormal flowers in Platanthera chlorantha (Custer) Reichenb. and Gymnadenia conopsea (L.) R.Br. subsp. conopsea. F. Horsman.
  • A nonresupinate abnormality in Orchis purpurea Hudson. G.I.C. Ingram & C.W. Dunster.
  • A new subspecies of Gymnadenia conopsea (L.) R.Br. F. Rose.
  • New names and combination for three hybrids. C.A. Stace.

Lack, A.J. & Diaz, A. 1991. The pollination of Arum maculatum L. - a historical review and new observations. Watsonia 18, 333-342; pdf 621kb.

Silverside, A.J. 1991. The identity of Euphrasia officinalis L. and its nomenclatural implications. Watsonia 18, 343-350; pdf 607kb.

Horsman, F. 1991. A new dactylorchid hybrid. Watsonia 18, 395-399; pdf 239kb.

Short Notes: Watsonia 18, 401-417; pdf 1.35Mb.

  • Anthyllis vulneraria L. subsp. subsp. polyphylla (DC.) Nyman, an alien Kidney-vetch in Britain. J.R. Akeroyd.
  • Bevan’s Bittercress: the small, white-flowered variant of Cardamine x fringsii Wirtgen also present in Britain. D. Bevan & T.C.G. Rich.
  • The status of Pulicaria vulgaris Gaertner in Britain in 1990. C. Chatters.
  • Carex x gaudiniana Guthnick - a rarity? R.W. David.
  • The status of Oenothera cambrica Rostanski and O. novae-scotiae Gates (Onagraceae). W. Dietrich.
  • A new variant of Ophrys apifera Hudson in Britain. D.C. Lang.
  • Salix x seminigricans A. & G. Camus: a willow hybrid new to the British Isles. R.D. Meikle.
  • The typification of Ranunculus bachii Wirtg. P.D. Sell & S.D. Webster.
  • Three new grass combinations. C.A. Stace.
  • Festuca arundinacea Schreb. var. strictior (Hack.) K. Richt. P.J.O. Trist.
  • Contributions to a cytological catalogue of the British and Irish flora, 1. J.E. Wentworth, J.P. Bailey & R.J. Gornall.

Book reviews.  Watsonia 18, 437-445; pdf 3,701kb.


Orchis ustulata (S. Pilkington)