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Ubsdell, R.A.E. 1976. Studies on variation and evolution in Centaurium erythraea Rafn and C. littorale (D. Turner) Gilmour in the British Isles. 2. Cytology. Watsonia 11, 33-43; pdf 4.53Mb.

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Short Notes. Watsonia 11, 141-148 (1977); pdf 715kb:

  • Length and insertion of the filaments in Endymion. T.E.T. Bond.
  • Chromosome numbers of British plants, 4. G.M. Fearn.
  • Flower-basking by insects in Britain. A.J. Lack.
  • Three species of Polygonaceae established in Britain. J.E. Lousley.
  • Maritime species on roadside verges. P. Matthews & A.W. Davison.
  • Rediscovery of Hymenophyllum wilsonii Hook. in Salop. J.R. Packham.
  • Evaluation of roadside verges. H.A. Reeve.

Morton, J.K. 1977. A cytological study of the Compositae (excluding Hieracium and Taraxacum) of the British Isles. Watsonia 11, 211-223. pdf 1.75Mb.

Newton, A. 1977. A review of Rubus section Discolores P.J. Muell. in Britain. Watsonia 11, 237-246; pdf 676kb.

Notes. Watsonia 11, 253-257 (1997); pdf 1.84 MB:

  • Rubus sprengelii Weihe in Scilly. D.E. Allen
  • Carex polyphylla Kar. & Kir. and C. leersiana Rauschert. R.W. David & A.O. Chater.
  • Chromosome numbers of British plants, 5. G.M. Fearn.
  • Phyteuma scheuchzeri All. naturalized in Oxford. R.C. Palmer.
  • White-flowered Bluebells (Endymion non-scriptus (L.) Garcke). R.W. Riding.
  • Polygonum minus Huds. x P. persicaria in Anglesey. R.H. Roberts.
  • Vulpia hybrida (Brot.) Pau, nomen ambiguum. C.A. Stace & R. Cotton.

Dony, J.G. 1977. J. Edward Lousley (1907-1976). Watsonia 11, 282-286; pdf 379kb.

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Conolly, A.P. 1977. The distribution and history in the British Isles of some alien species of Polygonum and Reynoutria. Watsonia 11, 291-311; pdf 1.42Mb.

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Prince, S.D. & Carter, R.N. 1977. Prickly Lettuce (Lactuca serriola L.) in Britain. Watsonia 11, 331-338; pdf 661kb.

Davis, B.N.K. 1977. The Hieracium flora of chalk and limestone quarries in England. Watsonia 11, 345-351; pdf 2.33 MB.

Short Notes. Watsonia 11, 373-389 (1977); pdf 1.17Mb:

  • Carex spicata Huds. near Law, Lanark. E.M. & S.M. Bignal.
  • Chromosome numbers of some Eurasian species of Crataegus. J.I. Byatt & B.G. Murray.
  • Myriophyllum aquaticum (Velloso) Verdc. (M. brasiliense Camb.) in Britain. E. Chicken.
  • A second station for Diapensia lapponica L. A.F. & S.M. Craven.
  • The distribution of Carex montana L. in Britain. R.W. David.
  • The Rubi of Sutherland. E.S. Edees.
  • A new bramble of north-western England. A. Newton.
  • Rubi common to the British Isles and north-western continental Europe. A. Newton & H.E. Weber.
  • Peroxidase isozymes in some Elms (Ulmus L.) of eastern England. N.J. Pearce & R.H. Richens.
  • Carduus pycnocephalus L. on Plymouth Hoe, S. Devon. E.N.M. Phillips.
  • Viola rupestris Schmidt and Juncus alpinus Vill. in Mid-W. Yorkshire.  F.J. Roberts.
  • Cytological studies in Plantago coronopus L. B.S. Rushton.
  • Pyrola minor L. in Pembrey Firest, Carmarthenshire. I.M. Vaughan.

Obituaries. Watsonia 11, 419-421; pdf 2.55Mb.

  • J.E. Dandy, by J.F.M. Cannon.
  • A.J. Souter, by M.M. Webster
  • W.E. Warren, by J.E. Smith