The Botanical Exchange Club lasted, with several minor name changes, from the late 19th century until the mid-20th when it renamed itself the Botanical Society of the British Isles. The BEC Reports contain a wealth of information about botany and botanists of that time. Here are some extracts from the reports.

Nelmes, E. 1945. Two critical Groups of British Sedges. I Carex flava. II C. muricata. BEC Rep. 13, 95-105; pdf 1.38Mb.

Nelmes, E. 1945. A Hybrid Sedge New to the British Isles. BEC Rep. 13, 93; pdf 194kb.

Heslop Harrison, J.W. 1936. The Flora of the Inner Hebridean Islands, Raasay, South Rona, Scalpay, Fladday, and Longay. BEC Rep. 11, 299-303; pdf 583kb.

Good, R. 1936. The Study of Plant-Geography. BEC Rep. 11, 295-298; pdf 486kb.

Turrill, W.B. 1935. Solanum dulcamara and its inflorescence. BEC Rep. 11, 82-89; pdf 721kb.

Williams, F.N. 1917. Revision of the British Species of Sagina. BEC Rep. 5, 190-204; pdf 1.53Mb.

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